Kuk Sool Won Uniform Badges

Badges are the perfect way to finish your uniform and really look part of the team, as well

as a requirement for tournament and testing. Our official WKSA Badge sets are all fabric

and will last the duration of your time as a coloured belt.


We offer a full set of WKSA badges complete with professional machine fitting and

conforming to the correct WKSA specifications on spacing and positioning. In the rare

event that a badge comes off, we will repair it free of charge.


Full Set + fitting service: £35 for Members of Widnes Martial Arts


Badges are also available to purchase without fitting. We strongly recommend that iron on

adhesives are avoided as they will not last under Dojang conditions and will shorten the life

of the badges.


This Service is also available with us providing a full uniform, belt, badges and fitting. Please send us an enquiry for prices