Understanding etiquette

In Kuk Sool Won we often refer to the term etiquette, but what exactly do we mean? Etiquette is the system of behaviour that governs everything we do, not just in the Dojang but throughout our daily lives; it is respect for those around you that goes beyond what is normally expected.

As a student at Widnes Martial Arts, it is expected that you will be polite, considerate and helpful to our instructors, classmates and visitors to the Dojang. Your instructors also expect that you will behave in the same way when off the mats, adopting the same system of respect and good behaviour at home, in school/work or out and about in your daily lives.

How do we practise etiquette?

In Kuk Sool

  1. By following the rules of the Dojang (listed on the entrance door)
  2. Be polite and courteous to all students or visitors to the Dojang. Always allow parents or senior rank members the right of way if they pass you in the hall
  3. Always greet your instructors with a “Hello sir/ma’am” and a bow
  4. Always be on time. If you are ever late, you should ask permission to join the class and explain your lateness.

At home

  1. Always show respect to parents or family members
  2. Help out with jobs or chores around the house, even those you were not asked to do
  3. Always give 100% at school, in your studies or at work

People outside Kuk Sool should note your manners and immediately know that you are a student of the martial arts, exuding discipline, self-control and respect.

Respect and the Rank System

In Kuk Sool Won the order of rank is very important and should be shown the greatest level of respect. Each rank takes time, commitment and effort to achieve. Some students at this school have studied and trained 4 times a week for over 10 years, and Instructors here for more than 17 years. With this in mind, the order of rank should always be considered.

  • Always say “thank you” when helped by a senior rank. You must then practise what they helped you with until it is correct.
  • When a senior rank is practising near you during training, you must step aside and allow them the right of way.
  • All visitors to the Dojang - both students and parents - should address a higher rank student or instructor by their rank title. If you have forgotten their title call them “Sir or Ma’am”, you should then ask what their correct title is.


We ask that you support us in enforcing rules of etiquette in the Dojang. Respect in Kuk Sool Won will benefit students outside the Dojang and stay with them throughout their lives. Children will often follow the lead set by their parents and a simple “hello sir” on entering will set a nice example.