Testing for the next rank.

Kuk Sool Won has an extensive syllabus; in order to progress, a thorough and confident understanding of the relevant material for each rank is required. However, to be considered for promotion students must also meet the school testing criteria as shown below.

Coloured Belt Testing

There are 13 ranks in Kuk Sool Won leading up to Black belt. School tests run 3 or 4 times a year and the list of testing candidates is published 2 weeks prior to the date of test. Information about test day and what will be expected of you is provided before test, if you are uncertain, make sure you speak to an instructor.

In order to qualify for your first test, you will need to meet the following criteria:

• Have attended a minimum of 6 months of regular classes (or around 48 lessons)
• Have rank appropriate knowledge of Korean terminology and always demonstrate outstanding etiquette and Martial arts spirit.
• Be able to perform all hand strikes & kicks at the required level
• Understand and demonstrate proficiency in your Forms, Techniques, Weapons and Break-falls
• Be familiar with the Rules of the DoJang and the Kuk Sool Won creed (available online, in the Kuk Sool textbook and on the wall opposite the display cabinet)
Have attended at least 1 WKSA tournament or seminar
• Be fit/strong enough to test (Youth & Adult tests can be upward of 5 hours and can be held outside)
• Be prepared to push yourself past your normal limits
• Feel that you are ready for the next level of training and responsibility


To qualify for subsequent tests, in addition to the official Kuk Sool Won syllabus and the points in the list above, various levels of technical skill and proficiency will be required – your instructor will discuss this with you in class. Whilst you will have the opportunity to practise this on the mats, some of these skills will require additional training time outside of class hours.

Regular attendance at WKSA tournaments is required to be considered for continued testing.

• Test places are not guaranteed by progression through the syllabus, they are earned.

• Regardless of syllabus knowledge, students are required to show continuous improvement; we do not promote students who have made no progress since the last testing interval.

• Regular conversations with your instructor will ensure that you understand what is required for the next level of test.


*Copies of the official WKSA syllabus are located in the main entrance hallway opposite the trophy cabinet. Students should familiarise themselves with the syllabus so as to track their own progress.

The process of Black belt testing is a separate article and will follow on soon.